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How To Maintain The Uncoiler

Apr. 15, 2021
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How To Maintain The Uncoiler

Uncoiler, also known as decoiler, material rack, loading rack, unwinder machine, etc., is an indispensable unwinding device for metal coil to be stamped processing. Like the feeder, it is also a product that must be used on the factory workshop. It is suitable for the continuous stamping processing industry of various auto parts, hardware and electronic parts. We know a lot about several decoilers, and different uncoiler machines have different characteristics.

The decoiler/uncoiler plays a vital role in the cutting production line, pressing production line and various metal production lines. In order to allow it to be used for a longer period of time, we need to pay more attention to daily maintenance. Here are some useful tips.

1. Grease the decoiler/uncoiler mandrel regularly.

2. It is best to expand the coil within the acceptable parameters.

3. Check whether the core rod of the decoiler/uncoiler is stuck or abnormal before starting up.

4. Operate the uncoiler correctly according to the instructions and safety regulations.

5. When abnormal noise is heard, stop the uncoiler immediately.

6. In the metal production line, every operator in charge of different machines must cooperate closely.

Advantages of decoiler:

The decoiler is suitable for conveying various coil materials. Thin thin metal and non-metal materials can be equipped with motor power and feeding device. The brake device is adjustable and the main shaft is reinforced, which makes the rolling of the material roll more stable and increases its carrying capacity. It can automatically produce indispensable parts with the punching machine, saving manpower, material resources, and reducing costs. The effect is very good.

Uncoiler machine can save feeding time and improve production efficiency. It can be used with the calibration machine. It can be equipped with a motor and electrical control instead of a power frame.

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